Animation Freelance Reel 2022


Earth Tongue // Bodies Dissolve Tonight! 

Animation direction/ composite: Neirin Best

Direction: Earth Tongue


Nike DUNKS x JD NZ x Church and AP promo

Animation + composite:  Neirin Best

Direction: Ezra Simons


Vice Magazine "Digital Socialising" // Captain Morgan

Animation: Neirin Best

Illustration: Daniel Haskett


Weyes Blood // It's Not Just Me, It's Everybody

2d animation: Neirin Best and Aiden Berglund

Direction: Charlotte Ercoli


Superorganism // Into the Sun

Art direction, 2d animation, Composite: Neirin Best

Director: Aeva


Bret McKenzie // If You Wanna Go

Animation + VFX: Neirin Best

Direction: Ezra Simons


Liu Jo // Better Denim

Animation: Neirin Best

Direction: Aeva


Superorganism //

2d animation, digital painting: Neirin Best

Directon: Aeva


Kero Kero Bonito // 21/04/20

Rough animation, clean-up, Border design: Neirin Best

Direction: Aeva


Mother of Madness, Animated Cover

Emilia Clarke's MOM comic cover art

Animation: Neirin Best

Illustration: Joanne Ratcliffe



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