Animation +Motion Design Showreel 2021

A selection of my recent motion design and animation projects.

Pixies • Catfish Kate (Music Video)

Lianne Pierce and Myself co-directed and animated this completely hand-painted music video for grunge legends Pixies. 

The video tells the story of Catfish Kate, a lone heroine who is aimlessly wandering  the foothills of a strange and desolate land. Fishing beside a lake she is pulled down into the murky depths by a monster catfish and descends into a feverish dreamscape only to emerge transformed.

We used mixture of acetate cell animation and glass paintings to achieve the textural aesthetic. The animation was created digitally with photoshop cell animation and after effects.

Jonas Monar • Nirvana 

A digital cel-animated music video for German pop-artist Jonas Monar. The animations  were inspired by 80s/90s skateboarding graphics and 80s animated TV shows.

I composited the animations with grungy vhs footage to enrich the 80s/90s aesthetic. 

Vice "Digital Socialising" // Captain Morgan

Working with illustrator Daniel Haskett I animated these fun little character vignettes of real German-based creatives and discussing tips to survive lockdown.

The animation was created on After Effects using motion design techniques and rigged characters and lip sync. We also did some basic sound design to spice it up a little.

Relaxing 2d animation loop

An ambient looping animation for a web comic series that I'm developing with @uncookedeggman on the gram. 

The smoke and clouds were hand animated in Photoshop and the motion and lighting was composited in After Effects.

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